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The Future of Home Health Symposium - January 13, 2015

January 13, 2015 Future of home health symposium: tackling critical issues for the future of home and community-based care

On January 13, 2015 the Alliance hosted the 'Future of Home Health Symposium: Tackling Critical Issues for the Future of Home and Community Based Care' in Washington, DC. The day-long event sought to build upon the following themes raised at the fall 2014 IOM/NRC Future of Home Health Care Workshop, and provide insight into new ways to address the issues facing home health moving forward.
  • A shift towards community-based care: Trends and factors suggest the home health care system could be shifting towards a greater emphasis on community-based care, with the home as the critical focus.
  • New models achieving the Triple Aim: New health care delivery models and payment approaches are shifting towards home and community based care in order to achieve the Triple Aim and person-centered care. 
  • Policy and payment reforms are needed to propel effective models: Care delivery models can be financed in different ways and a key issue to the future of home health will be payment and policy reform to facilitate innovations in care. 
  • The home health workforce:  Workforce considerations will be paramount to enable appropriate training (especially in geriatrics) for health professionals, including nurses, therapists, medical social workers, and physicians, to practice in interdisciplinary teams, with each able to practice at the top of their license. 
  • The role of technology as a critical enabler in home health:  Mobile, health information, remote monitoring, telemedicine, independent living and point of care technologies will be necessary for the health care system's shift toward community based care. 
  • Quality and outcomes measurement:  Identifying appropriate measures for the aging population, focusing both on chronic condition management (preventive maintenance) as well as rehabilitation will help to document and conduct research on progress towards the Triple Aim.