Hurricane Sandy’s landfall last week challenged patients and providers across New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Jersey.  While many continue to wait for restored power, gas and supplies to arrive in their communities, the storm has also brought with it an overwhelming outpouring of care and compassion from family, friends, and neighbors.  The home health care workforce in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions have joined in the critical relief efforts by assisting patients affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Home health patients and their caregivers face additional challenges in the wake of a super storm like Hurricane Sandy and last year’s Tropical Storm Irene. Many homebound patients rely on care from their aides, nurses and other home care professionals to administer medications and deliver critical health care services. Many patients in affected areas were left completely isolated in dark, cold apartments with no access to the outside world.  Yet while many businesses closed down operations, home health aides and nurses continued to care for their patients despite dangerous conditions at the height of the storm.

The Alliance is proud of the hard working, caring home health professionals who continue to put their patients first in the wake of natural disaster.

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The Alliance thanks all the dedicated caregiving staff for their efforts during the recent storm.

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