FDA-Approval for Ingestible Sensors “Major Milestone”—Future of Home Health Care Monitoring?

Home Health Care News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an digital sensor that can be embedded in a pill and ingested to track health data from within the body, reports Medical News Today. Read more.

Sensors help seniors age at home

Healthcare IT News

A pilot program at University of Missouri shows promise with the use of sensor technology to help aging adults remain in their homes longer while being monitored by care providers. Read more.


Healthcare adds 12,000 jobs in July

Modern Healthcare

Healthcare employers added 12,000 jobs in July, the second straight month of slow employment gains in the industry as unemployment in the wider economy edged up slightly.Read more.


5-point strategy to reduce readmissions

Healthcare Finance News

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will penalize hospitals for readmissions beginning this autumn. As a result, many healthcare providers are taking a cold hard look at their bottom line in an effort to meet or exceed projected targets for the year. Read more.


5 ways health innovators are helping old people

MedCity News

Baby boomers may be graying, but the healthcare innovations that will serve them are cutting edge. Read more.


Survey finds seniors want to age in place

CQ Healthbeat

About 90 percent of seniors in a survey released Wednesday said that they hope to stay in their homes as they age. Within this group, about 85 percent said they believe they can do that without making major changes to their residence. Read more.


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