Health News Round Up: Week of August 25-31

Homecare is most cost-effective care for seniors
The Patriot News
Although some might not be familiar with homecare, it is important for people to recognize — particularly decision makers in Washington — how these services effectively address our seniors’ and disabled residents’ care needs. Read more.


Research Shows CMS Program Helps Seniors Transition to Home Care
Home Health Care News
In CMS’ effort to help nursing home residents move back into their homes and communities, 38% of successful transitions made from July 1 to Dec. 21, 2011 were patients over age 65, according to a Mathematica Policy Research progress report on the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program. Read more.


Virtual Visits Next Big Thing For Virginia Home Care
Home Health Care News
Sentara Home Care recipients in Virginia will gain access to 24/7, on-demand virtual health care consultations beginning in October, Sentara and its partnering company, MDLIVE announced last week. Read more.


As population ages, home health care grows
Dayton Daily News
Dayton home care companies are growing to meet the demands of an aging population that prefers to stay in their homes as long as possible, said local experts. Read more.


Hospitals Look to Home Care In Cutting Patient Readmissions
Home Health Care News
Medicare will begin penalizing 2,211 hospitals in October for having too many counts of patient readmissions, and some hospitals are looking to home health care as a solution to the readmission problem. Read more.


Riding the Wave of Home Health Technology
Billians Health Data
The next wave in healthcare is coming, and it has nothing to do with reimbursement, practice models or even new clinical strategies. Often referred to as “the Silver Tsunami,” it is the flood of Baby Boomers who require regular health services to manage their chronic conditions and maintain their independent lifestyles. Ten years ago, before the mainstream adoption of consumer-friendly technologies like smart phones, tablets and associated mobile apps, this demographic and their family caregivers most likely looked primarily to long-term care (LTC) facilities for assistance. Now that mobile health technology and new care protocols are evolving – and coming down in cost somewhat – the home health industry is beginning to play a greater part in keeping these older adults in their homes and out of often cost-prohibitive LTC facilities. Read more.


Home Health News Roundup: Week of August 18 – 24

Fox Business: Fewer Doctors? More Home Health Jobs
Home Health Care News
The United States is making way for new jobs in light of a weaker overall job market, but they are concentrated heavily in one important sector: health care. Health care jobs, currently on the rise at a rate of around 10%, will continue to surge in the coming years as the number of doctors falls, driving the need for more home health care assistants, technology professional, coding professionals and others, Fox Business reports. Read more.


NCOA: 70+ Seniors Most Favorable Toward Nearby Senior Living Communities
Senior Housing News
The majority of aging Americans hold favorable views on their area’s senior living communities, and 50% of seniors believe their community contributes to a healthy lifestyle, according to a survey conducted by the National Council on Aging (NCOA) in collaboration with United Healthcare and USA Today. Read more.


Community-based Care Transitions Program adds 17 new sites
Inside Health Policy
CMS announced 17 new organizations participating in the Community-based Care Transitions Program (CCTP) to test models that would improve care for patients transitioning from the hospital or other settings back to the community and also help reduce readmissions for high-risk Medicare beneficiaries. The program now includes 200 acute care hospitals partnering with community based organizations at 47 different sites. Read more.


U.S. News: Health Reform Testing New Medicare Programs for Home-Based Care
Home Health Care News
While more attention has been paid to certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act regarding health insurance or the creation of new state health insurance exchanges, the comprehensive health reform law has also spurred the development of new programs looking for ways to provide cost-efficient, quality care in a variety of settings—including those that are home- and community-based. Read more.


Humana, Intel-GE Care Innovations Partner for Senior Telehealth Venture
Home Health Care News
A nationwide collaboration between insurer Humana and Intel-GE Care Innovations will soon produce data and results on telehealth and its effectiveness based on a 34-state project launched last January involving members who used a home-based telehealth device to manage their conditions, reports Healthcare IT News. Read more.


Telemedicine technology an asset to rural healthcare
Grand Forks Herald
Telemedicine has been around several years, but advances in equipment quality and availability as well as patient satisfaction have bolstered its appeal among providers at Altru Health System, according to Marsha Waind, manager of regional services. Read more.


Home Health News Roundup: Week of August 11 – 17

Senior Care Technology the Antidote to Killer Side Effects of Loneliness from Aging in Place?

Senior Housing News

Loneliness comes with killer side effects for some aging-in-place seniors, but certain technologies geared toward social engagement may provide an antidote, senior care technology developers say.  Read more 

U.S. Should Make ‘Life-Long Homes’ A Priority, Says Henry Cisnerors

Kaiser Health News

What will it take for Americans to age successfully in place? This question has immediate importance for policymakers and families as an estimated 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 years old every day. It’s the subject of a new book, “Independent for Life: Homes and Neighborhoods for an Aging America,” authored by more than a dozen leading aging and housing experts and co-edited by Henry Cisneros, a four-term mayor of San Antonio and former secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Read more

U.S. News: 10 Things Aging Americans [Should] Want for a Better Retirement

Senior Housing News

Aging in place is a focal point of a list of ten improvements—which includes home-based healthcare, universal design, and more geriatricians—that aging Americans will want or eventually need as the older population continues its rapid expansion ,according to U.S. News: Money. Read more

CMS Adds Three More Healthcare Organizations to its Pilot Telemedicine Program

Health Tech Zone

Telemedicine is becoming so popular that even the government is doing it. Originally conceived as a way to monitor astronauts’ health in space, it’s now moved decidedly earthward and is bringing many benefits and rewards by caring for patients away from the hospital. Read more



FDA-Approval for Ingestible Sensors “Major Milestone”—Future of Home Health Care Monitoring?

Home Health Care News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an digital sensor that can be embedded in a pill and ingested to track health data from within the body, reports Medical News Today. Read more.

Sensors help seniors age at home

Healthcare IT News

A pilot program at University of Missouri shows promise with the use of sensor technology to help aging adults remain in their homes longer while being monitored by care providers. Read more.


Healthcare adds 12,000 jobs in July

Modern Healthcare

Healthcare employers added 12,000 jobs in July, the second straight month of slow employment gains in the industry as unemployment in the wider economy edged up slightly.Read more.


5-point strategy to reduce readmissions

Healthcare Finance News

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will penalize hospitals for readmissions beginning this autumn. As a result, many healthcare providers are taking a cold hard look at their bottom line in an effort to meet or exceed projected targets for the year. Read more.


5 ways health innovators are helping old people

MedCity News

Baby boomers may be graying, but the healthcare innovations that will serve them are cutting edge. Read more.


Survey finds seniors want to age in place

CQ Healthbeat

About 90 percent of seniors in a survey released Wednesday said that they hope to stay in their homes as they age. Within this group, about 85 percent said they believe they can do that without making major changes to their residence. Read more.